How to update 9.5 without losing any setttings

I’m in the middle of several projects and full time scheduled madness. Is there a definitive solution to updating without having to lose ANY of settings from Cubase 9 ? I mean so even latest projects are all there. I really dont have time to be setting things up at this point. Please let me know if there is any bullet proof way of updating this way ?
I’ve had issues with updating before, hence my worries :slight_smile:

Should I install it in the same directory as 9 to keep all the vst synths n effects ? It would take a full day reinstalling all the plugins oh lord have mercy

Mac or PC?

Many (most?) folks keep all their settings through the upgrade. But some don’t and no one seems to understand what causes the difference. This has been an ongoing issue over a bunch of past versions. So no, there isn’t a definitive solution.

They changed the way the color scheme works in 9.5. So your colors will change and you’ll likely end up fussing with that.

Just let the installer put Cubase 9.5 where it wants. You don’t really ever ‘install’ plug-ins in Cubase. Rather you just set the path(s) in the Plug-in Manager to where various plug-ins put their .dll files during the plug-in’s installation.

Lastly, even when you do install 9.5 you will still be able to run 9.0 (and 8.5, 8.0, 7.5…) unless you specifically uninstall it. You can even run 2 different versions at the same time. Also if you are swamped working there is no reason to upgrade right away unless you really want a new feature/capability. Lot’s of folks purposely wait for the Cubase x.x.10 update after any major release.

darn it… so still after all these years there’s no easy definitive solution to upgrade easily without any fear of losing anything.
I’ve been with Cubase since the 90’s, please come oooooon FIX THIS so I dont have to be worried every six months that oh nooo gotta do it all again.

It’s just plain stupid to even wanna upgrade when swamped like I am, but still, I should be able to upgrade without these kind of old worries that belong in the 90’s. Frustrating

(edit: I’m on PC)

…you just have to double click the .exe and use the same “install for all users” setting as the previous installation. There’s nothing to worry about.

The most important settings are key commands and program settings. They are easily available & can simply be copied from Cubase’ user folder. On Windows: start menu > all programms > Steinberg > Cubase XYZ (your version) > ‘user settings’ (don’t know how it’s exactly called in english).

In that folder locate the subfolder ‘presets’, within that go to ‘configurations’ (that’s where the programm settings are) and ‘keycommands’.

Save your programm settings and keycommands manually and give them a recognizable name before. Copy those two into the according directories of your new version and you should be 90% set.

Another method is the profile manager. As often as I tried it (which was not that often) it hasn’t worked to be honest, but I’ve heard users reporting good success.

That’s the trick that seems to decide whether your settings are adapted or not. I think it works if you use the same settings as on the previous version, which is seriously not easy to remember after a year or so.

Here’s a helpful list:

thats not right. i copied the settings and keycommands in turn to get my settings. it messed c9.5 up. sends and inserts where just little knobs. at the end i configured all new.

Ok, I’m sorry. This is the way I did it in the past in case settings were not transferred automatically and it helped me a lot.

From 8 > 8.5 > 9 > 9.5 my settings were taken over, so I didn’t have to do it. Anyway I’d wonder if transfering keycos and configurations (which are really just that: keycos and program settings) would mess up a new installation :question: