How to upgrade from absolute 3 to absolute 4

Do I need to install every from every beginning?

Which ones need to be upgrade and which ones do not?

I added my code into the elisencer first. Then I opened the Steinberg Download Assistant. It showed a list of the included product. I clicked on each one and it downloaded most of them. A few of them downloaded in an instance. I’m sure those were ones I already had. After they were done downloading…it took at least an hour and a half…I tried to install each one. Some of them would say they were going to update these things and that other things were already up to date. Some of them would say there was nothing to update. A few of them would open a window that would show a before and after and would ask if I wanted to replace the already existing files.

When I was installing the large instrument packages, a window opened. I thought something went wrong at first. Or that it was asking something that I didn’t know the answer to. But then I saw that it was asking me where to install the VSTs. The name of the window was Library Registration. There were three choices. The first was to install them in the extract location, but it said that probably wasn’t a good choice since it appeared to be temporary. The second choice was a directory. I chose that and created a directory on my D drive. It asked me if I wanted to make that the default location. I said yes. I noticed that there were buttons to delete instruments or move them. If you clicked on each instrument, It would show you the current location. They were all on my SS C drive. I selected them all and said to move them to my D and it moved them all to my new default location. You just have to click a check box; not select each plugin. A couple products had a warning icon on them afterwards. I saw the warning meant that there were duplicates of some of them. I wasn’t sure which one I needed to have selected at first. I didn’t want to delete the wrong one. But then I noticed that there was a master button near the top right. When you clicked on it, it said it was going to fix all warnings. I clicked on it and it show a list of the duplicates. For each one it said it was going to keep the one the D drive and delete the one on the C drive. I recovered a lot of space on my C drive.

Hope that helps.

Thank you! It is almost a re-install rather than upgrade.