How to upgrade from Cubase LE 10 to Elements 11? Do I need to download all of Elements 11 or just an upgrade file?

I have Cubase LE 10 which was included free with the Tascam usb audio interface I recently bought. I want to upgrade to Elements 11, which I can get for a discounted price since I already have LE. But my question - do I need to download the whole of Elements 11 (using the Steinberg downloader) and install it separately, or is there simply some extra file I download which adds onto LE 10 to convert it into Elements 11? I’m not quite sure how this upgrade process works. So once I buy Elements 11, I then have to enter an access code in the eLicencer Control Centre too?

Also, if I need to download all of Elements 11, then presumably I’d still have LE 10 on my computer (and the desktop icon for it) still there too? How can I uninstall old version of Cubase without messing everything up?


I think the “upgrade” files are for an upgrade from Elements 10 or 10.5. I would recommend downloading all of the files in the “Full Elements 11” folder of the Steinberg Download Assistant. If it is too much data to download, just look at each file and see what you already have installed and what version to decide. But, if I remember correctly, LE has very little content included so you are probably missing most of it.

Hi thanks for your reply, I will download Elements 11 as a full download then.

Also, I plan on upgrading to Cubase 11 Artist or Pro in the next few months (once I have saved up enough money for them). Will these require full downloads or just an upgrade file if I already have Elements 11?

Ok I just bought Elements 11 with the discounted price for having LE, and I entered the Activation code in the Download Assistant. Under ‘Redeemed Products’, it gives me the option to download Elements 11, but it looks like I have to download every component for it separately, i.e. there is no ‘Full Download’ for it. Things like Halicon SE, Groove Agent and everything else have to be downloaded separately. How slow and tedious! Is there a ‘full download’ anywhere?

No. I think they separated them to save download bandwidth for those who don’t need everything. It shouldn’t take any longer as separate downloads and installations.

Download Steinberg Assistant – use this for ALL updates and downloads
Download elicense
Download Steinberg Library – use this to move all and any samples

Call Steinberg if you have any doubts – have them take control of your computer! I’ve done this 3 times so far to check that you got everything. With Absolute and once cause I couldn’t export audio only to find out the in/out little things were backwards!

Yes, you have to have a dangle (license) so buy the elicense with dangle. I bought Absolute 4 with elicense and Steinberg said that was good enough.

And finally, Yes, you have to update your elicense.

I’m considering upgrading too from 10.5 LE to Artist (PC)