How to upgrade from Dorico SE to Dorico Pro?

Dear forum members,

I have a very annoying issue. I would like to try out Dorico Pro after having installed Dorico SE.
I can’t find how to be able to change to the Pro version…
I downloaded the Dorico Pro install files from the Assistant. After having installed this it still opens as Dorico SE.

Any suggestions how to fix this?


Peter Knockaert
Herakles Audio & Graphics Services

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Hi Peter, very glad to hear you’d like to give Pro a go!

There isn’t a different version of the app for Pro compared to SE, it’s all in the same installer, but you unlock other versions using activation codes. If you’d like to try Pro and have a trial code, you should be able to add that, which will allow Dorico to run as Pro.

Welcome to the forum, Peter. If you are unable to receive a Dorico Pro trial activation code via email for some reason, let me know and I can send you one.

Thanks for the replies! I managed to enter the trial code (after rebooting, is this necessary by default?)! At first the little window for entering the code did not appear. After rebooting it did appear. Is there another way possible to enter a license code when you open the SE version (or any lower version than Pro)? So that it would be easier to transition?
Is it also normal that I can’t install Dorico both on laptop and desktop with the same trial code?

  1. Close Dorico entirely, but don’t reboot your computer. Find and run the eLicenser Control Center application (which will have installed along with Dorico), then use the big green “Enter Activation Code” button in the top left corner, paste your code, follow the prompts.
    Then run Dorico again.

  2. Yes. Trial codes can only be used once. You can move the license onto a USB eLicenser dongle, if you wish, then unplug the dongle from the first computer and plug it into the second computer.

Thanks for the transparent reply! Very helpful!

Hello, I have the same issue…
There is not any activation code in the email…