How to upgrade from Elements 9.5 to Elements 10

So I select Shop, Software, Wavelab Elements 10 -

Then a very large ‘Please Choose’ message appears so I select ‘Update from WaveLab Elements 9.5’.

Then it displays:

WaveLab Elements 10
Update from WaveLab Elements 9.5
(checked) Immediate download

But what now? - nothing downloads, the scroll bar does not function and nothing else happens!


Well, in that page you should also see an ‘Add to Cart’ button with a price tag. This page is only to buy the update. You’ll receive an activation code to unlock the new license by email.

The ‘immediate donwload’ is already available from the Steinberg Download Assistant or directly from the website. But you need the activation code to unlock it.

That’s the problem. There is no ‘Add to cart’ and price tag. I think that the page is not functioning correctly.

Well, that page is different in different locations - so I can’t tell you about the situation on Planet Palmer :wink:

The situation here on Planet Palmer is extremely grave. Firstly we have the Brexit calamity, secondly the corona virus is creeping up on us and most worrying of all the Wavelab upgrade page does not appear to be functioning!

I fear that our chances of survival are currently very slim.