How to use a mastering plugin

i’m going to try bx_masterdesk to do the final mix.
i suppose i should apply this to the whole shebang.
should i put the plug-in on the stereo out ? or should i route all the instruments to a separate buss and insert the plugin there ?

Hi, this should be the last plugin in the stereo out, but you can also use it on groups if you want.

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can you give me an example of why you would use a mastering plugin on just a group of instruments ?
maybe the mastering plugin would be like an effects processing which would have just a particular group of instruments routed to its buss……like the percussion parts , or maybe a couple of guitars together?

Yes that’s it, you can use it on the drum group for example, but Masterdesk settings have limited range and are more suited for a full mix. Just experiment with it :wink:


super ! , thanks Louis , this is new territory for me. i spend 20 odd years making muddy mixes. i would export my song to disk and just turn down the bass in my stereo system. that’s the only good thing about the pandemic and Quebec’s evening curfew is that i had a lot of time to try new things like sidechaining the bass and kick drum. and watch videos and get help from this amazing forum and people like yourself.
i still have an issue with compression. i watch videos and they do the bypass thing and i barely hear a difference. i have to play with that too.
i imagine it’s important when you are recording live and the volumes are always changing … but with my stuff, i use mostly a little keyboard and vst’s so the volumes are pretty consistent…. my vocals are wave files which i imagine are normalized and don’t need compression. i have to try it on my guitar recording. that probably will need compression. but it’s not easy to understand… but this is WAY OFF TOPIC…

You could try Mike Senior’s book ‘Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio’, it’s really good.

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Let us know if you find it helpful!

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richard. that mixing book is a Godsend. I can’t thank you enough for the help it is giving me….

Excellent - it really helped me too.

i’ve watched videos on compression. all those i’ve watched have the people just twirl knobs and then tell you to listen to the difference. very little explanation as to use the compression in a mixing workflow. this book explained everything! where to use it , how to use it and why.
i’m still impressed with this book !

I have that exact book on mixing. It’s the only book I’ve ever bought lol

Also these old videos I remember were very useful years ago.

I don’t know where he went , he just disappeared