How to use a midi loopback driver with Cubase 8

I dont know yet how to setup the midi routing for Synfire composer and Cubase 8
Cubase 8 must act a big soundmodule and the song composed in Synfire must be heard in Cubase, that 's the idea.
In Synfire i assign two midichannels and a loopback midi out…but how further?
I do want use the own Cubase soundmodules and the VSti soundmodule and connect these with the Synfire composing program.
How to make such a connection with a midi loopback driver ?..where in Cubase i can assign the incoming midichannels on the correct cubase midi channels?
Example: midi channel 1 from Synfire to midichannel 1 Cubase and so on.


Just Add a MIDI or an Instrument track, and set the MIDI Input (Loopback 1) as an Input instead of “All MIDI Inputs” in the Track Name tab of the Inspector.

But as far as I know, the Synfire Composer can operate as ReWire Device, right? Then you can route MIDI thru ReWire and you don’t need the Loopback at all.

Synfire must act as a rewire master and cubase as a slave then?
The idea is that i can use 16 midichannels in Synfire composer what are connected with Cubase Vsti or native Cubase sounds ( i can connected any sound from Cubase to Synfire …that is the intended workflow )


Cubase cannot operate as ReWire Slave.

I have never tried to send pure MIDI via ReWire, but I expect it should work. So I would expect to set the “ReWire MIDI Out” in Synfire on the track, add a Instrument track in Cubase, and set its Input as “ReWire MIDI In”.

This is my expectation.

There is no Rewire midi out in Synfire to choose ( it is only for transport as option with rewire)
So i am forced to try the loopbackdriver again, but the routing of the 16 midichannels from Synfire to Cubase 8 pro is a problem