How to use a panning plugin in CB?

I have a “pyschoacoustic” panning plugin (mono in/stereo out) that I would like to try out but I can’t figure out how to use it in CB.

For example, if I insert it as an effect on a mono track it doesn’t work (because inserts on mono tracks process as mono). I tried inserting it on a group track and then routing the mono track to it but that doesn’t work right either (because the group is already a stereo track).

Maybe I need use it as a pre-fader SEND effect with the track fader all the way down? I haven’t tried that yet. But in that case I would be using up global FX slots for pan pots!

Any other ideas?

Try making a stereo track, then drag the mono part onto the stereo track and put your plugin on an insert.

I wasn’t sure how CB handled a mono file on a stereo track but good suggestion - will give it try tonight and post the result.

Thank you!

Hmmm - I was wrong. I just tried it again and it DOES work on a mono track. Must depend on other plugins before/after?

Anyhow, it works.