How to use a single midi drum map to trigger multiple snare samples (for sample blending)

Hey everyone.
Is there any way to assign multiple outputs in Midi drum map to a single midi note in the editor? For example, I want to blend samples from Superior Drummer and Get Good Drums for my snare sound but I only want to use a single “master” midi file so that I can easily write drum grooves etc and not have to use multiple midi files.

What is your standard process for blending samples from multiple instruments?

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You can use MIDI Send to senf the source MIDI data to multiple destinations.

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Hey. Is there any way to add more than 4 midi sends? Let’s say i want to set up a trigger track for each drum shell and use those as reinforcement samples on top of a main kit library, that’d mean i would require about 6-8 midi sends. (Kick, Snare, Tom 1, 2, 3, Extra room 1, Extra room 2)

As per my understanding, Pro Tools allows you to have infinite midi sends. If not existing, can this be submitted as a feature request?


Only 4 Sends are available. But from the destination track, you can pass the data to other tracks via its MIDI Sends.

Or you can make 8 MIDI Tracks with ouwn outputs and you can make the Shared Copy of the MIDI Parts. Then once you change anything in one of the shared copy, the other MIDI Parts change accordingly. You can have as much Shared copies, as you need.

If you want to support more then 4 MIDI Sends Feature-request, search for this feature-request here on the forum and support it, please.


Thank you, I will try using the shared copies.
Does the shared copy midi audition work in real time so I can hear all the drum samples on different keys from 1 midi editor?

As far as you know, is there a feature request to be able to add multiple outputs in the drum map to each note by shift+ Ctrl clicking? That would be an ideal solution for me. This way it’s still just one Midi file but I can have as many outputs routed to 1 midi note as id like.