How to use a VST

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I am new to Dorico, and new to using VSTs. I downloaded some from Spitfire, but don’t know how yet to utilize them. They are having a sale on the Bernard Herrmann library (in addition to all the others) and wanted to explore a few free downloads before I took the splash and dove into something more complex and expensive. Thank you for any assistance you could offer!


Hi @Tige_DeCoster , maybe it is best if you start with some tutorial videos like this and then come back if you have some more specific questions.

I don’t know how it happened, but last week, I opened Derico and viola, the Spitfire VST’s I downloaded were available. I then downloaded another set of sounds from Spitfire, and the issue popped up again. I have viewed applicable videos, but I still can’t figure it out! I am an infant in the DAW and VST universe and any other suggestions would be of great assistance.

Could you please do from the Dorico menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

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Yes, here it is. Thank you.
Dorico (2.1 MB)

Thank you

Thanks for the data, @Tige_DeCoster .

So it looks like you have the Spitfire Labs plug-in that serves as player plug-in for your Spitfire sound libraries. Do you have the sound libraries on external hard disc(s)?
Because I know that the Spitfire plug-ins can easily lose the connection to a portable harddrive, but that is a Spitfire issue and can not be resolved from Dorico side.
So if Dorico can’t “see” the Spitfire sounds, then it is because LABS can’t “see” them.
Or I don’t understand the problem you are having and you need to explain in more detail.

I do not have an external hard drive, though I will certainly need to do so as I expand my library. I believe the issue may have been resolved, though. The most recent issue concerns the Save and Save As function. When I save my work, I am not prompted to name the project. I worry that if I need to shut my computer down or close the program that I may lose my work. Was the purpose of asking for the diagnostic report to sort that out?

Thank you for your time and patience.


Well, the Save function does not prompt you but saves to the current project. Only SaveAs will ask you for the name to save under the project. That is common behaviour among most applications. What was the issue you were having with it?
The purpose of asking for the diagnostics was to see what plug-ins you have installed and if they get detected properly, but I could not find anything unusual in that regard.
So if you are having issues with the program, please tell us as specific as you can.
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I misspoke. Specifically, it is the Save As function that is not prompting me. I’m just worried that my work will be lost. I’ll try an experiment and get back to you if there are any additional issues. Again, thank you for your time.