How to use an effect plugin?

Hey guys, a noob here.

I installed an effect plugin properly (a delay), but after open it e turn it on, there was any change in my sound, whether recorded or in real time. Any guesses as to what I’m doing wrong?

Or if someone can indicate a good tutorial on how to use effect plugins in Cubase, I also appreciate it!

Operation manual -> Audio effects for a start

Well, I added the effect via the Inserts section in the Inspector, as outlined in the manual.

The plugin appears in the inserts tab and everything, but I still have any change in my sound… (print screen attached).

I tried with a third party plugin and a native one from Cubase. Same result.

Taking the opportunity to ask a probably stupid question: can I use an effect plugin on a midi track, or will it only work with audio?

Thanks for the patience.

That is on recording or on playback…?
You Need to monitor via Cubase if you want to hear VST effects, not via your Audio interface(direct Monitoring). Therefore the Input monitor on the Cubase track must be activated.
You can only apply MIDI inserts on MIDI tracks. Audio FX can only be applied to audio tracks or Events.

I had tried both, but anyway, your monitoring tip through Cubase already solved the issue.

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome.