How to use an external DAC with the UR44C

Windows 10
Are there suggestions on a third party app (or Steinberg app) that will facilitate using UR44C device but outputting to an external DAC? I can’t get this working with a few virtual apps that are out there. Thanks

What are you trying to do?
What you mean with DAC?

I recently updated speakers and purchased a standalone Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) to possibly increase listening enjoyment. I have a UR44C for PC interface which does not have any digital output provision. The driver for the UR44C is not flexible. By that I mean, I can use third party application like Virtual Audio Cable (VB-Cable) to route various devices to my output DAC. I have not found a way to do this with the UR44C ASIO driver. So, when I want to use my Steinberg software, I have to switch everything over to the UR44C and Yamaha ASIO driver. Then for listening, switch it back to the DAC. I am not aware of a way to route the UR44C mix to an external DAC.

OK, understand… this is not possible with the UR44C.