How to use beat correction


I am kind of a newbie. I have Cubase Essential and recorded an audio track that I want to exactly match the beat of the project tempo. I want to make some small corrections. I have read the manual but I think the explanations is difficult to understand so I dont know where to start. As far as I know the “time warp” function does not exist in the Essential version?. I know I will do this in the Sample editor. Ok, the audio material I have recorded follows the project tempo, but I have to make corrections so the audio exactly hits on the beat, if you know what I mean. Can someone please explain simply how to do this in the sample editor? I want to learn this once and for all wothout beeing confused by the manual:)
Appreciate if someone can explain:)


A better way would be to match the Cubase grid to your performance via Warp Tabs.

Ok, thanks, can you tell me how to do that?

Someone already typed it all out, better than I could, in the Cubase Operations Manual.

Actually, you’d have to be pretty bad for the Cubase Essential 5 manual’s explanation to beat yours in this case.

Hitpoints can have individual Q-points. These are mainly
used for audio quantizing. Their function is to define the
point to which the quantizing will apply. Sometimes a slice
might have a slow attack, and a peak further into the slice
which you wish to use as the Q-point. When you apply
quantize, the Q-point will define where the warp tab will be
added. This also defines the point which will be stretched
to a grid position when quantizing.
• To activate Q-points, open the Preferences (Editing–
Audio page) and activate the option “Hitpoints have
Next time you use the Calculate Hitpoints function, the hitpoints will have
• To offset the position of a Q-point in relation to the hitpoint,
simply click on the “Q” icon and drag it to the right
to the desired position.

To newbies who haven’t been editing audio in Cubase since the Atari and are not familiar with the technicalities of “the grid”, that is equivalent to blah, blah, blah. I can drag the Q around, right of the hitpoint, but I’m still unable to determine what this is doing to the audio. Do you have to Slice & Close for the quantization to be applied?

Hitpoints have nothing to do with Warp Tabs.

For HP= Q Points to work, you have to enable the Tempo Track and have the tracks in Musical Mode.


I found this and thought it could be more helpful than the manual. I think I am starting to understand after reading the section on Q-points.

Thanks, I also found this:
Have a look at step 13 it is described in detail. Just hoping it can be done the same way in the Essential version also?
Will try it out.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to set warp tabs or anything like that. Any luck for you? You’d think we could finally have time warp which has been around since freakin’ Cubase SX 2!! These Q points have proven worthless with audio material such as pianos; it seems more appropriate for drums which have more obvious peaks. Nice link, though. :slight_smile:

No luck for me either…so now I need to upgrade to C 5 or something to be able to do this? This is really disappointing. What do you think:)?

No, I wouldn’t upgrade to C5! You’ll have to pay the full price. I would upgrade to either Artist 6 or the C6 full. Still, I’m not sure if Artist 6 has these capabilities. Another thing to think about is the C6 compatibility, XP and Vista aren’t supported. :frowning: