How to use Cakewalk UA-25 EX

Greetings people,

I’m new to using Cubase. I recently installed Cubase Elements 6 (64bit; German; Win7) and a Cakewalk UA-25 EX. When starting Cubase, it starts the project-assistant. I select at “Scoring” the project-type “Piano Composition”. After that it opens the Dialog “not found connections” (or similar, I have the german version installed). There I can choose which channel is mapped to which in-/output.

In the output-options, I can choose my onboard-soundcards channels, but not those of the UA-25 EX. There also are no inputs avialable.

I’d like to use the audio-interface with Cubase. Any idea how to do so? Or are there problems with 64bit and ASIO? Do I have to have speakers plugged in? Do I find the options elsewhere? At the moment I only have Headphones connected.
With Win7 the audio-interface works fine; I often hear music with it.


You must have the UA-25 plugged into your computer before you start Cubase and the select the ASIO driver for the device in " device setup" in the Devices menu.

Took me a little fiddeling in the Menu, to find it in the german version, but I finally found the option.

Thanks for the quick help! :slight_smile: