How to use date tokens in another language ?

Good evening,

Is it possible in Dorico 3 to use date tokens (like {@projectdatedmy@}) so that the month should be displayed in french : “décembre” and not “december” ?
Thank you by forehand.


According to this link, date tokens are locale-dependent, which makes me think that it should recognize what region you’re in. But I can’t test it.

Well, the link lies, at least for us French…
I turned Dorico into French to check, and I noticed how the left panel in Engrave mode was wide, compared to the English version… There should be a more elegant way to make “Formater les cadres de musique” not be the reference for that panel width, my 2 cents… and switching back to the English version right away!

Thank you for your answers.
I’m in France, my mac is in French language, Dorico turns in French. The others apps who use tokens displays date tokens in French.
Capture d’écran 2019-09-17 à 19.22.46.png

Concerning the left panel in the Engrave mode, it is not the only place who should be more elegant. In the same engraving mode, at the right panel, “Ensemble de pages maîtresses” should be better managed.

The situation here is currently different on Windows and Mac, though it doesn’t work correctly on either platform, for different reasons. In the next update, the date and time tokens will be properly locale-dependent on Windows, but at least at the time of writing this is not true on Mac, because we need to implement some more platform-specific locale support on macOS, which we haven’t yet done (we’re spoiled on Windows, because Microsoft nicely support all of the locale-related facets of the standard C++ library, but because of macOS’s *nix roots, it doesn’t support the full set unless you use the Obj-C APIs, which we do not currently do). Sorting this out is on our backlog but I can’t promise that it will definitely be resolved on Mac in the next release, though the situation will be improved on Windows. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you Daniel for your answer. It’s not a very urgent issue.
Good luck with these future developments.