How to use Dorico SE on High Sierra

Hi, my wife has an „outdated“ macbook only supporting High Sierra, but desperately would like to try out Dorico SE. However, SE 4 is only available for Mojave and above, hence we missed registering for any SE version below that. SE 3 and 3.5 are still available for download via the Steinberg assistant, but how do I receive a license for one of these older versions? Any help is appreciated! Many thanks, Alex

Welcome to the forum, @Alexander_Guth. I will send you via private message here a Dorico SE activation code for you to use.

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Hi, depreadbury, I have the same Problem. On my Mac runs only High-Sierra. Would you be so kind, sending me the activation code. Thanks a lot.

Welcome to the forum, @Joerg1. I will send you an activation code via a private message.

Maybe you can install Mojave in your Mac. This is unsupported, but the instructions below are from a reliable source. It seems you can, with a minimum of work, install Mojave on unsupported Macs.

I have remained with High Sierra longer than needed, due to a few major issues with font smoothing and Creative Suite CS6 compatibility. It came out that font smoothing was not all that bad, and InDesign worked better, with a little patch, in Mojave instead of HS.

I can’t find a way to make it show in English, but this is probably dependent on the OS language.


try this URL:

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For what I can see, Mojave is the most stable Mac OS ever. HS, on the contrary, was sort of a release candidate for Mojave, with very little stability. If possible, upgrade!