How to use Fl studio Vsti in Cubase

Can some one please explain to me step by step how to use fl studio as a plugin with Cubase 8.5.

load cubase
add instrument track or a rack (F11) various methods
open editor. in mixer view (F4) hold L mouse on the “e” for that channel. from Arranger view select the track and press the “e” in the tab left side.
in the small editor you see click it to open the FLStudio window.

FLstudio must have it’s own Window (on PC) that is only difference from any other VI plugin.

From rack view (F11) you setup the multiple outputs.

thanks but what i meant was using it with multiple outs to where each instrument in fl studio has its own channel in cubase

All you do is set each mixer channel to the output you want. If you set nothing then everything just goes to 1+2.

select mixer track, look at bottom of the inserts area