How to use geometric shapes?

I would like to highlight certain parts of a score like single chords or entire bars with a rectangular box or a circle. Is there an easy way to do this within Dorico or do I need to import image files/SVGs from a graphics program?

For boxes, you can use something like this. For circles, there’s not really any good solution (and even the boxes aren’t a native solution, just a workaround).

I would suggest exporting from Dorico as a PDF, and then editing the PDF in a vector drawing app (as opposed to bitmap images in a photo editor).

Many people do this, whatever notation software they use, to add graphic elements or make fine adjustments.

Thanks, this is quite helpful!

Yes, this is the most straightforward way when you know that the score isn’t going to change in the future anymore. But if you’re reworking the music a lot, it can become quite cumbersome having to reapply the the graphic elements everytime, so I would like to avoid this as much as possible. Thanks though for the suggestion!

Agree, but a basic tenet of the Dorico philosophy is to sort out the music before worrying about the layout. If you are using graphical elements, then I suggest you just use text placeholders until you nail the notes down.