How to use groove agent 5 as VST64 plugin WITHOUT Cubase

Hi there, I want to use my Groove Agent 5 as a VST64 Plugin.
GA5 is working well within my Cubase 10.5, but now I want to use tis drum-plugin additional with another software.
Where I can find the .dll for a VST64 folder?
(I have e-licenser with cubase 10.5 and absolute 4)

To put it more clearly: I want to use GA with Virtual DJ. For this I need a 64bit compatible .dll file.
So I loaded the groove agent.dll into the VDJ folder.
A VDJ employee wrote: "Looks like you are trying to use a 32bit plugin (which VDJ 2021 does not support)…

Thanks for any kind of help…

Here is what another VDJ-stuff wrote:
if it says INCOMPATIBLE at load time:

  • missing external dll (i.e. Microsoft Visual C++ xxxx Redistributable)
  • missing external non dll component (config file / presets / data folder not found)
    as VDJ is not using standard install locations, may need some manual/custom install
  • not enough memory

VST3 doesn’t use a file with a .dll extension.

My understanding is that VST3 protocol calls for filename convention of “*.vst3”
It’s also my understanding that VST3 protocol expects 64bit plugins to be a specific directory, as opposed to the old VST2 standard of putting them where-ever, and directing a DAW to look there (or even multiple places).

On a windows system, check in:
“%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Common Files\VST3”

If you don’t see a “Steinberg/Groove Agent” sub-directory, then it probably wasn’t installed (due to user installation options). Run the Groove Agent installer and double check.

If the plugin(s) are there, and your DAW can indeed take vst3 plugins…direct it to scan that VST3 directory.

In some DAWs you ‘might’ get it working by copying the vst3 plugin and renaming it with a dll extension. It’s probably better to use the Groove Agent installer and add VST2 compliant plugins that way though.

Sorry, I don’t know where stuff goes on a Macintosh OS.


If you didn’t get VST2 compatible plugins in “%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Vstplugins” or “%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins”, might need to run the Groove Agent installer again, and add whatever plugin type(s) you want added (VST2, AU, AAX, etc.).

By default I think the installer puts them in “%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\vstplugins”, with ‘options’ to install them to a different custom directory instead.