how to use guitarrig to play its effects by a midi keyborad

hello my friends.
i want to know how can i play my midi instrument track with guitar rig.
as i searched in internet i can make and audio track and add guitar rig as a channel or effect in insert part.

and i use my keyboard as midi track to record with cubase default sounds. but how can i use guitar rig effects with my midi keyboard.
thank you for helping

Make a VSTi that you trigger with your midi then put the guitar rig into one of the insert slots on the audio channel of the VSTi (same inspector just down lower)

thanks alot for helping but i think now im doing right thng. i just make a midi track and set my midi keyboard to input and et guitar rig as aoutput. and it now brings all guitar rig sounds but still there is a problem. the track is muted. there is no sound.
thank you for helping

Guitar Rig works with AUDIO, like a recorded vocal or guitar track. It does not process MIDI. You need to send the keyboard MIDI to an INSTRUMENT first to produce some audio and then use Guitar Rig as an INSERT on the audio channel of that instruments output. The reason you can select Guitar Rig as the input for the MIDI track is because you can use MIDI to control the knobs in Guitar Rig but without an audio signal, it will not produce any sound.

it been a little hard.
now can anybody tell me what can be my best to record best guitar electric effects on cubase. these defualt lead halion sonic sounds are not good at all. should i record my own guitar sound through a microphone?

Yes. You can record your own guitar through a microphone. Are you using an audio interface or just the built in sound card in your computer?

i have a built in or i call it onboard soundcard. but im searching for a good but suitable sound card for better work. so you mean for best guitar sound its better to record my own? there is no good guitar sound effect or plugin for cubase?

Well, I am a guitarist, so I would say, “no”, there is no VST instrument that sounds good, especially for lead, which I recall you mentioning earlier. That being said, I am sure most musicians would say that about the instrument they play. Of course, once you get an ear for the instrument, it is just so easy to spot a virtual instrument.
To the previous question, I feel a dedicated sound card is very important for recording audio. A built in sound card won’t have the sound quality and will have too much latency.