How to use HSO Clarinet 3 Players

Hej. At this point in time, I have made the switch to Dorico permanent. It is now my main Scoring program and I know it well enough now, that I am beginning to notice other things. For example in the instrument library that comes with Dorico, there is something called “Clarinet 3 players” or “Horns 3 players”. How do one use these instruments?
Kind Regards Carsten

In Play mode, open the instance of HALion Sonic SE that is used for your clarinet or horn instruments in the score, and load that sound into the appropriate channel. You may also need to change the expression map chosen in the Endpoint Setup dialog for that channel – if you find that you get no change in dynamics, or if you hear unexpected low, sustained notes played back after changing the sound, that’s a sure symptom that you have the wrong expression map chosen.

So I just have to consider it another “normal” instrument sound, but one that can cover 3 voices/players?

This looks like a HALion option more designed for Cubase (where it would be a separate track for when three Clarinets play in unison) than for Dorico, where one would assign three (different) clarinet sounds to separate staves and use duplicate notes and condensing to show them playing in unison.

That was what I was initially thinking.
And there is no way to filter unison and separate bars in dorico ?
I am asking because I sometimes have some playback problems when working with concert band arrangements. Long notes get cut off.
But I don’t think this is a problem with the player or wrong sounds or Endpoint dialog. I think my computer is not up to spec. I have to buy one with a bit more processor power and maybe a little more RAM.