How to use jbridge instead of vstbridge

I’m new to all of this and can’t seem to work it out, I have the full version of jbridge installed but cant find where I disable cubase from using its bridge application, which as far as I’ve read, is far inferior to jbridge.

Any help?

The way jBridge works is it makes a file that to Cubase is a 64 bit plug-in file (.dll) If I remember correctly, it will add a 64 on the name of the 32 bit plug-in .dll. As far as Cubase is concerned, the plugin is 64 bit and it won’t try to apply the bridge. Just point Cubase to the file created by jBridge in the “Plug-in Information” utility on the devices menu. Make sure the original .dll file is not anywhere that Cubase will find it (either remove the file from the folders Cubase scans or tell Cubase to stop scanning that folder).

Got it, thanks. I use cantible a lot so I was expecting jbridge just to work. Didn’t realise you had to manually convert the .dll’s into 64bit ones.