How to use License dongle correctly ?

I know probably it’s silly question but …
if I need to work in cubase I’m putting dongle into USB and it works , after completing work in couple of hours I’m ejecting it
yesterday I left dongle there unejected , today I noticed that PC is on but red light in dongle isn’t work
I launched cubase and it gave me license error , I changed USB port and it works now .

  1. I looked closer at dongle, is that red light should (breathe) ?
  2. what is recommendations of using license dongle , should I leave it all time in USB and it’s safe ? should I eject each time I finished work ?

There’s no need to eject it, I leave mine in unless I’m going to be using Cubase on one of my other PCs.
Yes, it’s normal operation for the red light on the dongle to “breathe” (if you mean fade in and out).

maybe it’s coz I’m using USB extender , looks like it needs to be connected without wires
yes breathe I mean fade in and out
thank you for answer

Mine’s on a hub too but I have heard of other people having issues with that. You also need to check that your USB ports aren’t going to sleep to save power.

checked in device manager and it’s looks like that
“allow computer to turn off that device to save power”
all USB hubs with that options are checked (
I think I need to uncheck them all ,didn’t think about power issue .

weeks ago I contacted administrator and asked him to change my account info , received no answer then contacted again , nothing …
what the hell is wrong with him …
can you somehow guide me who I need to contact to change my credits and account related stuff ?

Yes, you should defintely uncheck them…best for Cubase performance anyway not to have power saving going on.

Sorry, what accounts are you talking about?
This is a user to user forum and you should be able to change your own acount details. For MySteinberg account too you should be able to edit your details…

I meant the username , can I change it ? haven’t find any way to change the Username
as for power saving , yes power saving gives some surprises sometimes

Username for this Forum? No I don’t think you can change that.

ok , thanks again for help