How to Use Logic Pro X Effects in Wavelab?


does anyone know a possibility, if and how the effects from Logic Pro X can be used in Wavelab Elements 7.0? The library there is quite comprehensive for my needs, so therefore I’d like to use it for the mastering with Wavelab.

Thank you in advance,

Just point Wavelab to the directory where the Logic VSTs are residing and it will add this to the search paths on load. No guarantees on which will or will not work, ofcourse… Go to Options > Plug-in settings > General tab.

Hi Arjan,

Thank you for the fast reply. Implementing normal VSTs is not an issue. But it seems, that Logic plugins are compiled in AU-format in contrast to Wavelab’s VST-format. So I thought that maybe there was a workaround to use them also in Wavelab…

No, not as far as I know… Only VST and with some tweaks possibly the old DX plugins.

Wavelab can’t use Apple’s AudioUnit-Plugins.

OK, then it seems that it’s impossible and I’ll stop trying (hope dies at last…). Thank you all for your clear answers!

Try hosting AU plugins with Blue Cat’s Patchworx. It works for me (VST to AAX) I think it also works AU to VST