How to use midi Jog Wheel to control Cubase timeline cursor?

So I just discovered the wonderful world of Midi Remote Control. I’ve hooked up my DDJ-SB3 decks to it and it’s awesome.

I’m looking to map my Jog Wheel to the timeline cursor, so I can scrub my projects as fluidly as I can in my DJ software, but I can’t seem to find the setting to map to the jog wheel?

Is this even possible with midi remote? Or is there another hack to do this?



This is possible but via scripting only. You have to use the customVariable.

The next update had better be a big one with the Remote , not being able to add a jog wheel , really ?something that the CMC Ai has been doing since the dawn of time ?

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The"AI Knob" is available in the MIDI Remote too. But it’s something different.

And as I said, it is possible to do it in the MIDI Remote (via scripting and using the custom variable).

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FilterFreq refer to the hardware unit “CMC AI controller” not the AI knob.
The AI controller can do “AI knob” but it can also do “jog” or “volume”.

It is very strange that Steinberg do demo code for many keyboard controllers but they do not utilise their own hardware to show how to do remote script.

For now I think the easy way is to use generic remote for this. Transport handling from any remote controller is problematic in cubase. (Maybe not for the the REMOTE-SDK that use C/C++ but it not available for users). It is confirmed in this forum by Steinberg developers and it is on their list of issues. But I don’t think it is their top priority.

Exactly this .

And as i said , there had better be a big update to bring the midi remote up to scratch , it’s not good enough . If a 12 year old controller operates the Jog and other implementation straight out of the box then with the advancement of technology give me a reason on WHY this is not possible 12 years later in the latest RM app ,Jog is a BASIC function .