How to use mix console fader when the track has volume automation

If I add volume automation to a track, I can no longer use the mix console volume fader to adjust the track volume.
Is there a way to use the mix console fader to move all the track volume automation up and down, with out losing the relative movements within the automation?

If you would move the fader by itself it would destroy the automation…
You need to select all automation events to change the automation, or you can trim your automation…
A good idea is to open the automation panel and see what is available there… then read the manual on the automation topic…


You can also use VCA Fader. Or you can Trim the automation (see Automation Panel).

Or you can use the ‘pre’ section in the mixer, and adjust the pre- gain there. Bear in mind that this adjusts the volume going into the channel inserts, so it will affect any compressors you might have there. But it’s very simple to do, and undo!

Thanks very much for the replies everyone. This is really helpful.

Or route the Channel to a Group Channel and adjust the level there. This is kinda of the inverse of the Pre method.

I automate a gain plugin for this reason and use the fader for general changes