How to use MP3 Converter

I got a Cubase LE5 with my Alesis iO2 sound card. Now I have downloaded and activated the MP3 convertor. But since I am quite new on this I have no idea of how to use it, and I find no information what so ever on the subject on Steinberg webpage?

Could anyone please tell me how it is supposed to work? Is it a stand alone converter program, or is it started as a plugin within the LE5? And how/where in that case??

I would be most grateful for a basic “how to” description of this converter from someone who knows how to use it!

/ Elias

That isn’t for LE5, don’t waste your money. Use iTunes or Lame to convert to MP3.

I mixdown to .mp3’s all the time right in Cubase Le4

Do a normal Export but change a couple of things

Click here

I just emailed a song I did in a .mp3 format to a friend

works for me–Hope this helps

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: