How to use Source connect with RTS mode without rewire?

Does anyone know how to use Source Connect with RTS mode since Nuendo is not supported rewire anymore?
Or the only way to sync transport with the other studio is through LTC?

It’s probably not much of help but as I remember source connect (it’s been a few years) I never got RTS to work properly. Even with Pro Tools. And most of the studios I connected with either. They all knew how to sync via LTC. I know, you’re sacrificing one audio channel, but it works nearly bullet proof.
An alternative I often used is Sessionlink Pro. There you have the option to sync via MTC. It doesn’t take so much bandwidth.

Thank you, Alex.
We did end up using LTC and works good.
I will definitely check on session link pro.
It’s good to know there is another option.:>

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