How to use Steinberg Licensing for GA5 instead of USB key?

How to add my GA5 to my products in my account? I would to use it without eLecence.
There only Cubase and Halion. But i have eLicence for my GA5. What to do, guys?


Tanks, bro!! :partying_face:

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Great, I did not know this. Updated, thanks!

Goodbye, eLicenser! I guess Allen Morgan drums are still on there, but whatever, never use those anyway.

Allen Morgan Signature Drums are enabled by your Groove Agent 5 licence, so they will work without eLicenser once you have migrated your Groove Agent 5 licence to Steinberg Licensing.

I think I am right in saying that all the currently sold Groove Agent expansions can now be migrated to Steinberg Licensing. At this stage, the majority of currently-sold products have migrated to Steinberg Licensing - the main exception is Basic FX Suite (included with many Steinberg audio interfaces).

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