How to use the editor window in the project window

I’ve spent days and days reading the manual, watching vids and experimenting, trying to understand the best editing workflow for me. In doing that, I’ve found some workflows I can complete, some I can almost complete (but some little step doesn’t work so the whole workflow has to be disregarded) and lastly, some workflows I just don’t seem to have the same functionality as I see from others although I’ve always had Pro. Specifically I’m talking about audio guitar tracks I record. I love the idea of the lower editing window except when editing audio, the project window and editing window will not stay locked, like it does for MIDI, so you have to do your best to zoom in/out of both windows

Anyway, back to my question,

I would like to know of video resources, with projects that can be downloaded to follow along or MUCH better, any online training that would allow me, one-on-one with the instructor to edit MY project audio file, using the same audio file with different editing methods. I am willing to pay someone, if they can REALLY cover every button and drop-down. (I hope it’s ok to post that I’ll pay someone).

I write heavy rock/metal with electronic drums using Superior Drummer 3 and a Roland TD-50Kv. I often program a separate “drum track” of hit points where my guitar and bass notes should be played.

Since I’m alone playing all instruments, doing all recording, mixing, production, mastering, etc., there’s not enough time in the day to stay proficiently practiced at all instruments so there’s plenty of editing to do. I usually play a section, like a verse, over and over on the repeat-record option and I might try different ideas from time to time. When I’m done, I have no idea what I remembered liking as I played or what vast majority I played terribly and want to delete :slight_smile: From what I understand, when listening to what you’ve recorded, there isn’t a way to automatically cycle through the repetitions where the next lane will be played each time the section starts over?

Further, if I’m just playing the same riff, and hopefully getting better at it, I would want the playback to start with the newest lane, then move to the previous lane so I hear the best stuff first. If there’s not a way to do that, could a macro be made? Or maybe a macro that copies each lane event and pastes it far to the right of the project, then copies the next event and pastes it next to the other copied event?

Once I have 30 lanes of the same riff and I’ve manually cut-out the really bad parts and organized the riffs a little, I want to edit in the lower window. I have difficulty telling which version I’m actually editing, especially when I start an edit, do some other quick thing like fix a drum note, then go back to finish the edit. Further, especially, when I try to use variaudio and I tell Cubase to make a new version.

When Cubase detects “hitpoints”, it seems to place the vertical line (I think that’s technically the hitpoint) slightly prior to the high or low transient wave point. I thought the high or low transient wave point was supposed to have a gridline going through it’s apex so the loudest part of the note would also be played with the loudest part of the kick drum, for example, to give good punch? However, if I quantize my guitar hitpoints (the vertical line), the transient would be slightly late. I know I’m talking about milliseconds, but I’m trying to understand the thinking as if in the perfect world.

I know I’ve quantized my guitar notes to my hitpoint drum track, before I understood the need to select whether pitch or timing should be more important. When trying to edit hitpoints, I would get yellow or orage hitpoints in the lower window but when I tried to use audiowarp the functionality of the hitpoints changed. Also trying to edit hitpoints using slices, markers, warp markers, etc. I feel like I got different results than the user manual or vids.

I feel like the editing process could be simple:
Select timing versus pitch for priority
Edit hitpoints
Quantize hitpoints to the hitpoint drum track
Listen in solo, without FX

I also think I saw a way to edit MIDI notes where if I played 4, 16th notes rush and I didn’t want them to be perfect, I could select them, click an option, then drag the last note to the right and all the notes would move, keeping their relationship?

There’s a lot I don’t understand and re-reading the manual and or watching vids hasn’t helped. What’s a user to do? :upside_down_face: :woozy_face: :man_shrugging:

I hope that the lines that follow are helpful to some degree. Sorry I can’t help you with the hitpoints problem…

Would be nice to be able to link the zoom setting of the Lower Zone with the one in the Project Window. You could create a feature-request topic…

Screenshot 1 (Lower Zone when a MIDI part is selected - link toggle button example)


This is incorrect because you can cycle through takes!

→ Do this:
1… Create a key command for “Edit > Move to Front”.
2… Select which lane you want to listen to, then use the key command you just created to move the part/event on top (i.e. to uncover it).

→ Or this (which might save you some time, but will also give you headaches):
1… Create a key command for “Edit > Move to Back” (using this will save you from having to click every event before using the key command).
2… Select the lowest lane, then use the Move to Back key command you just created to cycle through the takes.

GIF 1 (cycle through takes)

Cycle through takes

Note: Create both key commands (Move to Back + Move to Front). It’ll do you more good than harm.

Note: Unfortunately, you can cycle in only one direction (I might be wrong though…).

You have a very good point here!
Would be nice to have multiple instances of different editors.
For example, would be great to have 3 new commands assignable in the Key Commands dialog:
KC 1 - for opening the selected event in the Lower Zone
KC 2 - for opening the selected event in the default editor (instance 1)
KC 3 - for opening the selected event in the default editor (instance 2)

This is as far as you’ll get when using the Key Editor:

GIF 2 (Increase/Decrease tempo of notes in the Key Editor)

Increase:Decrease tempo in Key Editor

How to do it

  1. Create two Logical Editor presets.
LE 1 - Shorten by 1.1 percent

LE 2 - Stretch by 1.1 percent

  1. Create two macros:

(maybe “ShrinkM” would be a better word…)

  1. Add keyboard shortcuts to the macros.
  2. Done.
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