How to use the instruments/VSTs from the Steinberg Download Assistant ?(CuBase 11))

I have a problem with Cubase 11. The program works perfectly fine. I downloaded it from the Steinberg Download Assistant and it works. But i also downloaded the other options like LoFi Dreams etc. . Now when you want do use this content set you should normally find it when choosing your instrument. Problem is that it doesnt appear next to HALion Sonic or the Groove Agent. Now from what i’ve read you have to install it in the right folder, but i’m curios what folder that would be. I also selected the right folder, at least i would assume, but the plugin manager says that no new instruments or effects were added. i don’t now if someone understands what i just wrote, but if yes I would be happy to get a solution.

hi :slight_smile:

Lots of these extra content downloads are sound expansions for Groove Agent / Halion or are sample packs.

These don’t show as an “extra plugins.”

It doesn’t matter where you install them as long as you register them in the Steinberg Library Manager. Check out the section called ‘registration’ here:

and post back if that doesn’t make sense

Thanks, that sounds reasonable, but i don’t know what it means by “click on ‘Open’ in the line of the first library component listed by Steinberg Download Assistant.”. I upgraded from Cubase 6. Does that make a difference ?

when you have downloaded the vstsound files then you need to double-click on them to open them with the Steinberg Library Manager…

give it a try

I know now how to use the different sounds, but the program can’t find HALionSonic. I have the sounds, but not the instruments. So when I make a new track there is only prologe as an option

Do what he says above in explorer first (windows), that registers the patch. Then when you open it it will show up under ‘all instrument sets’, usually.