How To Use The KONTAKT AUX Effects In Cubase

Hi Guys
Is There Any Way To Use The KONTAKT Convolution Reverb In Cubase?
Because In Outputs We Have 4 Aux Effect,
The Convolution Reverb From Kontakt Is Amazing Stuff,I Think Its Very High Class
And The Bad Thing Is They Are Not WAV format to Use With other Convolution Reverb VSTs!!!
I See The Video In Youtube,Some Body Doing That With Digital Performer DAW HEREs THIS LINK ,So How Can I Use The KONTAKT Aux Effects In Cubase?
Many Thanks


You can do it exactly the same way, what he did on the video. But he is not using NI Kontakt Reverb, he is using internal Digital performer Reverb. So it’s the same, like to use for example REVerence in Cubase.

Unfortunately NI Kontakt doesn’t work as VST (FX), so you can’t use it as an Audio Insert effect. If it would be possible, then you could use internal NI Kontakts Reverb to any audio signal. but, you can use for example NI Reaktor, like this. So you can use effects from NI Reaktor, to process any Audio signal. I don’t know, maybe, there is the same Convolution Reverb in Reaktor, which is also in Kontakt.

There would be a way, how to use the Kontakt Convolution, but it’s very uncomfortable. Export your Instrument/Audio track as an Audio (WAV). Open NI Kontakt, and drag-and-drop this WAV to the Kontakt as a sample. Then you can apply internal NI Kontakt Convolution on it, and trigger the “loop” by the “middle” MIDI Note.

But again, you can do exactly the same, what is shown on the video, in Cubase.