How to use the nanopad2 contr. for keyswitching in HALion4

I like to record keyswitched sounds in my composer with the controller nanopad2 and HALion 4
How i must set this up ?
I add a midi module : key Switch Remote in the program tree for the sound ( example Alto Sax XXL )
Than i must give the key switch mode -> controller …cc messages

MIDI Controllers can be divided into two main types: those that are variable or continuous (like a knob) and those that are either on or off (like a switch). For example, a Sustain Pedal is simply a switch, so it can only be on or off, whereas Pitch Bend is described as a Continuous Controller because the actual position of the Controller is transmitted. In theory, MIDI could allow you to have up to 128 different Controllers working at the same time, but this is far greater than would ever be needed in practice. This being the case, the architects of MIDI have reserved Controllers 122 and upwards for selecting the various MIDI modes (Local On/Off, All Notes Off, Omni Off, Omni On, Mono On and Poly On). MIDI modes aren’t really Controller messages at all, but this just seemed like a convenient place for the designers to put them! (See ‘MIDI Modes’ box.)

The remaining slots are broken down into Continuous Controllers 0 to 63, Switch Controllers 64 to 95 and Undefined Controllers (free for future use) 96 to 121. + Midi modes( 122…12& )

So my nanopad2 controller is a switch controller midi message for the pads… i can use than one of the switch controller 64 to 95.
I attached a picture of the control surface of Nanopad 2 and it seesm that not only the triggerpads can be used for pressing the keyswitch keys in HALion4 ?

The workflow is that i use a another nanokey2 controller for recording notes in the composer
I choose a sound in HALion 4 ( as VSti)…and the right keyswitch … this keyswitch is than controlled by nanopad 2

Both controllers are working on midi in port… so working at the same time seems to be not possible?
So i can play the recorded notes, but can still not choose the right articulated sound
It seems that there is no way to record notes and choose the right keyswitch sound with two controllers…than the only solution is to use one controller what can do this both at the same time … right ?

:bulb: Perhaps using the triggerpads in HALion 4 itself for articulated sounds !
I press a triggerpad and a choosen articulated sound is selected ready for playing/recording
Is it possible to hold on the pressed triggerpad…now i can see what articulated sound is choosen?
Let me try this out and working with 2 nanocontrollers at the same tim is no possible , because they share the same midi in port

Nah. That’s not the way it works. Use the megatrig to do so.
Have a look at the manual.

Have a look at 09:15.

Your nanopad is not more than a regular midi controller.
You have to select the right bank / octave to be in charge of the

I am working in a composer with HALion 4 as VSti… the controller i use is only for selecting a articulated sound, but it seems that the triggerpads are pre programmed with the keyswitches for some xxl sounds.
I do have also the VST symphonic sounds…let me look if th e triggerpads are also pre programmed there with the keyswitches.
I will look at the megatrig … what it can offer…it can be used for the composer too, to choose a new custom articulated sound as i understand it correct.

Yeah. It’s basically a way to switch between layers.