How to use the pitch bend in midi/key editor accurately?

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to use the pitch bend feature of cubase, but it either is very badly designed or I don’t get how it works. Heres what I am trying to do.

I have an Omnisphere patch with a pitch bend range of -12 to +2. I am trying to pitch bend down to -7. How on earth am I supposed to manage that when the range of the pitch bend tool is in an entirely different format? I am looking for -7, but it says -4500 or so. I can’t use this. It doesn’t work. It doesn’t snap to any semitone grid either or anything of the sort.

Someone must understand what I am looking for here, it can’t be just me… So how do all of you guys do it? Remapping that functionality to the mod wheel is not an option as that is already in use by something else.

Is this just Cubase being bad, or am I being bad and not understanding how to use it? I posted this topic 4 years ago, and am hoping technology has advanced since then. This seems like a weird thing to not fix in 4 years.


Cubase follows the MIDI Standard. PitchBend is sending data in range -8192 to +8191. So this is your scale and you have to divide it by the number of semitones set on your instrument.

8.192 / 7 = 1.170, this is 1 semitone in your case.