How to use the triggerpads from HALion4 in Cubase?

Pressing onthe triggerpads i do hear chords or a sequenze, but how to use them in Cubase itself?
Must i trigger those pads in the keyeditor…
How to use them in a other program than Cubase also…?

You can assign them to keys on your external midi keyboard and play them.

You mean for keyswitched sounds ?–> using keyswitches…

Don’t know ’ bout keyswitches :frowning:
I mean, you create a situation in which you just press on a white or black key on your midikeyboard and by that the triggerpad gets triggered. I personally do not use it, but it is a possibility.

Some sounds do have articulations and they can be controlled by triggerpads too.
Triggerpads can also control a chord…so that is interesting to get this in a composition in Cubase
How do i connect a triggerpad with my midi keyboard than …?

Reason for not opening the manual and finding out how it works for yourself is…?

I searched for it inth e manual for a while but did not find it…perhaps is there someone who knows this

It’s there.

I will look again how to connect a midikeyboard to the triggerpads
Also needed how to trigger a triggerpad ( chords ) in the keyeditor