How to use the triggerpads ?

Triggerpads from HALion4 … how to use them in a external program?
I press on a triggerpad and hear a nice soundsequenze or chords, but how i must trigger them ?

Quite easy.

Go to the program tree, right click, add midi-module > trigger pads.
Now you can combine it with other midi-modules that you add to the program tree (e.g. the flex phraser).
If you put key switches for example on the keyboard, you’re able to trigger them with the trigger pads, too.
Simply right click the trigger pad, choose snapshot chord, left click on the key where the keyswitch is located,
then left click on the same trigger pad again and it’s set up.

I like to record midi chords under the triggerpads into the midi recorder in HAlion, than i can use them in a another composer (not Cubase for now)
This is not possible yet ?

yes, you can save your pads setting !

Yes, save and what i can do with it ?

Right-click on a triggerpad, choose snapshot chord,
leftclick on the keys that you want to use or play
a chord on your master-keyboard. Left-click the triggerpad
to save the chord. That’s basically it.

You’re also able to trigger the pad with a key.
Have a look at the manual how to set it up. It’s very easy,
but I’m not in front of HALion right now.

When you’ve set it up, you can play different chords
using just one key of your keyboard or a triggerpad.
That’s what you can do with it.

Yes, i understand but want to use the chords under the triggerpads in a another composer
How to that in HALion5 itself with the midirecorder or need i Cubase 7 for this ( i can drag the chords back and forwards between HALion5 and Cubase)
In Cubase 7 it is too laborious i think… directly in HALion5 is quicker

Ah I see.

Well, then you’d have to connect a midi out of Halion
to an input in the composer. I don’t know if this is possible.
I’ll have a look at this tomorrow.