How to use Trial Version???

I installed Halion 6 for PC. Then, I entered the activation code that I had received into “eLicenser Control Center.” It showed a message saying, “Currently, there is no license connected to your computer.” When I tried to launch HALion 6, it gave me a message, “No valid license detected.” What is going on?

It sounds like you have a missing soft eLicenser - read the support article (click) on this issue.

N.B. Do not run the helper application from that web page unless you have no soft eLicenser (you can see what a soft eLicenser looks like in the graphic at the top of the page) or the soft eLicenser is damaged in some way. The application destroys an existing soft eLicenser if you have one, which can lead to you losing any unregistered licences held in the soft eLicenser. Always register an eLicenser containing purchased licences to your My Steinberg account and check it shows up on the My Steinberg web page (click).