how to use vst in cubase 7 as soundmodule?

Hi what do i need to do in cubase 7 to assign each vst on each track, im using a mpc as my sequancer and wanna use the vst instruments in cubase as soundmodule… i use to be able to do this but now forgoten, let me know what i have to do in cubase to set this up…

i thought cubase is a sound module…you load a vsti and play it with a midi controller etc what exactly do you mean?

What MIDI interface do you have?

I actully did it with cubase 7, my midi interface is presonus , i have it corectly connected, it was somthing i changed in the input transformer section…i cant remember now

can anyone outhere help me on this?

Why would the input transformer have anything to do with being able or not, to use C7 as a “sound module”?

Dont worry, i have worked it out thanks