How to utilise Behringe ADA8000 inputs/outputs with MR816CSX

I use an MR816CSX. I have run out of input and outputs, now I am looking at the Behringer ADA8000 to carry some less crucial inputs like backup vocals etc. I have no experience with this however.

Lets say I connect mics and synths to the 8 inputs on the Behringer. I need to also be able to take analogue outputs from the Behringer ADA8000 into my multichannel headphone amp. So do I still connect the word clock and ADAT cables between the two units and does that then effectively make the Behringer ADA8000 operate as an 8 in / 8 out extra audio interface? And do these new outputs show up in the VST connections panel?

I hope someone can clear up my inexperience with this.


You can connect the ADAT connectors between the MR and the ADA8000 (out to in and in to out). These contain the clock data and the sync locked led on the ADA8000 will light up.
Then you will get 8 more inputs and outputs which show up as MR816CSX ADAT 1 etc in your device setup which you can then name as you wish for use in the VST connections

I do my headphone routings via the Cubase control room and out to a Behringer HA4700