how to warp drum loop with GrooveAgent 4 like in MediaBay "align beats to project"

Hi guys, i have a problem… My project 120bpm and drum loop in 125bpm… when i drug and drop loop from MediaBay with “align beats to project” checked all works fine… but now i want to control my drum loop…I imported it to groove agent 4… went to Edit tab - Sample… seted AudioWarp = Music, Sync = Tempo, OriginBPM = 125…Then i went to Slice tab… clicked to Create Slices… went to Pattern section… drug and drop it to Project… and now i hear that my loop what i imported from mediabay is different that loop from groove agent 4… maybe 3-4 miliseconds…

How can i warp my loop in GrooveAgent to have simmilar result like when i drug and drop it from MediaBay with “align beats to project” checked?

i found solution, here: