How to write a Half note with dots rhythm

Hey dear friends, I’m writing a jazz arrange that the real duration of the note is a Whole note, but starting at the second half of the four beat. As shown at first example…

Writing the Whole note and dragging with the shortcut to the position I need, I’m getting this eighth note tied to a dotted half, tied to an eighth note (next example).

Writing this passage with the Half Note with two dots, in my opinion, is cleaner and easier to read.

I tried to find something at Engraving Mode withuot success.
Any suggestion, I will appreciate.
Thank you so much

Use Force duration and alt/option click.the dot twice.


edit. Or hold down the mouse on dotted notes in the left panel.


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Thank you so much, it worked.

For what it’s worth, I disagree that the version with two dots is “cleaner and easier to read.” I think the version you printed second is much easier to read. I know exactly at a glance what it means, whereas in the first version I have to stop and figure it out.

It’s pretty standard notation in jazz/commercial/musical theater contexts, especially in older hand copied parts. Any musician in those contexts at least would recognize it instantly. That said, I typically don’t use that anymore, and only use double dots for values less than a beat, like in 4/4 a double dotted 8th followed by a 32nd, and so forth.

I’m with you on that, Todd. Plus, any more than two dots makes my head hurt. :grinning:

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