How to write mutes in slash notation


I have recently downloaded the Dorico trial since I am considering going from Sibelius to Dorico. I have written my first sheet which I found really intuitive after spending 1-2 hours for getting to now the basic stuff. Great job!
Now I would like to notate a rhythm guitar track with slashed notation using ghost notes (or dead/muted). I am struggling to change the slashed noteheads into “x” noteheads to indicate the “ghosts/mutes”.

Can anyone please help? I´ve searched the forum but I did not find an answer to it…

Best regards,


Welcome to the forum, Christian. You can change the default slash type used for a slash region on the Notes page of Engraving Options, but if that’s not what you want for every slash region, you can simply input regular notes and then change them to use muted slashed noteheads via Edit > Noteheads > Slashes > Muted Slash Noteheads.