How to write volume to end , in a midi track?

When I move my volume fader on my keyboard and record, cubase will record my volume in a midi clip, my question is:

  1. When I stop, the current volume only last to the end of the Bar(even the midi notes clip is longer than it), how can it last to the end of the project?

When you stop recording, the last CC7 message will be the position of the controller at the point you stopped. Even if you play a few notes afterwards, before you stop recording, you have stopped moving your volume controller.
For it to last to the end of the project, you have to record or “tell it” what you want the volume to be.
So, for instance, if your midi part ends at 1 minute and your track is 2 minutes, you could create another part (set L & R makers at 1 min & 2 mins) and double click to create an empty midi part. Then you could draw a CC7 curve in - perhaps a fade out.
The question is “why”?. If you have stopped recording notes, why do you need the volume to go to the end of the project?

The answer to why, is so I don’ have to write volume automation next time I record my notes, otherwise I have to record vol everytime I record my notes

Ah, okay. Edit your midi part & set your CC7 value to the one you want for the rest of the project. Basically after that, just don’t move your volume fader.
Hope that helps.

Is there a setting in Cubase that allow us to record automation and it will last to the end of project ? There’s such a setting in Pro tools so I think there should be one in cubase

Activate, “To End” in the fill options…
Automation portion of the manual.

I read the manual, could not find this… Is this in the automation prefrence?

No. It is on the Automation Panel. I am on C8 so the page no. Probably doesn’t match but it is 588 in C8 manual.

I’m on 7.5, perhaps that’s different

Well, I seem to remember using “fill to end” in C6 ( and maybe even C5) so I doubt they changed it.

Edit… Page 289 in the C7/C7.5 manual…

Midi volume is a hassle. I used to use it, have all these midi messages in all the tracks.

Hard to adjust them all. But it can be done, but what a hassle.

Working with audio is a lot easier and more controllable. So just automate the audio part of a midi instrument, where the audio hits the mixer.

Different synth modules react differently to midi volume which is another issue and reason to not use cc7’s.

Just to clarify a possible source of confusion…
Are you entering your volume curve by recording into a MIDI Part (which is how it reads, to me :wink: ), or by using Write/Read Automation (which will actually move the MIDI fader in Cubase’s Mixer?
If the former, then I’m afraid Jaslan’s suggestion about “Fill to End” doesn’t apply here.
But that still doesn’t explain why CC#7 is getting cut off at the end of a bar. (Does this happen, wherever in the song you are, or are you speaking of one specific bar?). Is there some other MIDI track, on the same channel, containing a Part which ends at the point where your CC#7 is getting reset?
(Btw, I share Tacman7’s opinion about the use of CC#7 in general :wink:… it is good for balancing the various channels of a multi-timbral instrument, but, wherever possible, much better to set the audio volume of the instrument’s return channel(s).