How to zero all tracks in the mixer

Hi everyone,

I’m exporting using the “channel batch export” feature for mixing in a different DAW. It would be useful to be able to set all the channels to unity (0db) when I am doing this.

Is there a command that does this all at once?

Aloha W,

Tried this in C5.5/C6.5/C7.07/C7.5
and I can not find a way to do what you asked.
(I really thought C7/7.5’s ‘Q Link’ would do this but nada)

Perhaps someone will chime in with a solution.

Good Luck!

Thanks anyway. I’d also like to find a way to make all the tracks panned up the middle as it does change the volume of a track if it is panned to one side or the other.

Now that you bring this up one would think there would be a sort of
‘Master Reset’ button.

Reset all volumes/pan/eqs/fx etc .

Perhaps a ‘Feature Request’ posting might help.

Yeah a master reset mixer button would be perfect!!

I do this by selecting the faders in the mixer page, holding down shift+alt and then pulling down a fader to -00 with the mouse and then back up again to 0db. I actually use this to restart a mix that got messy. Take it all down to -00 and then start pulling tracks up gradually.