How use shortcut keys of VST plugins in Cubase?

I am trying to edit NI Reaktor VST in Cubase. It would be nice to use Reaktor key commands (Keyboard Shortcuts). For example ctrl-E to switch to and from Reaktor edit mode.

It seems that Cubase ‘eats’ all key commands and does not pass them to plugin. Earlier (Cubase versions 4 and 5 for example) there was a option in preferences that “plugins receive key commands”. But I can not find this option in Cubase 8.5.

I have searched forums and googled, but did not find any solution.

Any ideas on this?


Some of shortcuts (non-global) should be used in the plug-in, when the plug-in window has the focus. It works to me here, for example with the Surround Panner plug-in.

Cubase overrides the shortcut keys of the sequencer mode inside Vienna Instrument Pro player. This should be addressed and hopefully be fixed.