How was the Guided Tour made?

Just curious because I am finishing up a software program I created and now starting on creating tutorials. I like the Guided Tour from the Help menu. Which program was made to create this, a screen capture program like Camtasia?

The guided tour buttons use functionality that’s built into Dorico. It’s not video at all.

Yes, I thought so although the frame floating animation and text panels could also have be made in flash kind of software and layered on top of the software. Looks very cool, I hope I can pull this of for my own software :sunglasses:.

Flash is deprecated so a pretty unlikely contender. Note that what Dorico’s actually doing behind the scenes is identifying the panels as they are currently positioned on the screen.

Bearing in mind that you can drag a Dorico dialog to whatever dimensions you like (within reason), this is not something that could easily be achieved with video.

10 points to Leo for spotting how it’s done. Yes, it overlays a black translucent rectangle over the app with a mask that tracks the shape and size of the thing being highlighted, animating between the different highlighted UI elements when you click next and previous. You can resize the window while the tour is active and it will track the location of the element.

That’s a nice feature, probably not something I can replicate. I found a program called Tumult Hype that can create this kind of animations and export to html, a format I can then use as a layout on top of my software program.