How/When shall I receive the Cubase LE 12 upgrade from LE 11 e-licencer

I have same problem, but i want to update from 4 le.

Hi @Radoslaw_xxx, I added a LE12 to your account.

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I have Cubase LE 11 and would love an upgrade to LE 12…thanks!

Hi Matthias, i hope you can help me out as well. I’ve posted before and it told me to reply to this thread instead, hoping it works


Like others in this thread, i have a registered Cubase LE 11 in my account, but no way to upgrade it to LE 12?

Can you help.


Hi Matthias, I have AI 11 License and I want to upgrade to AI 12 can you help me.

@myraccy15 @lesf42 @Erdinc_Hatirnaz

Hey, I have placed Cubase AI codes in your accounts.

All the best,


Thank you Matthias.

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Works great. Thank you very much, Matthias!

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Pleasant day!

I have an eLicense for Cubase LE 11 that I want to upgrade and use for Cubase LE 12 as well.
Moderator Martin.Jirsak kindly referred me to this thread to submit a request.

Can you help?

Thank you very much!

@Bento-Ex I have added a LE license to your account.

Hi Matthias,

LE 12 detects the license.
Thank you very much!

Hi Matthias! Would it be possible to help me. I have the same problem. Bought Audient hardware last year, trying to install Cubase and obviously have an old license…

Absolutely. I have added a Cubase LE to your account.

Thanks a lot!!

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Thank you!

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can i get some get d dac

Hi Matthias, I have the exact same problem here. I have Cubase LE 11 licence but I can’t have the licence for Cubase LE 12.
my email is
Also did not receive eny email from Steinberg and tried local Yamaha… with no sucess. Can you help me?

Hello, I’ve got the same problem, I can’t find Cubase LE12 licence after buying a new Audient MKII ID14.

Greetings, I am struggling with the same problem unfortunately. I am even from the same country as the original author of this thread.

I use Cubase 11 AI, came with my UR22 MKII Audio Interface. Unable to move forward with 12 or 13.

So your help is much appreciated.