How/When shall I receive the Cubase LE 12 upgrade from LE 11 e-licencer

I received Cubase LE with a product purchase (Audient ID4 MKII) in June 2022. And I had to install v11 because I received an e-license based code.
I learned that I might have a change to free upgrade to V12 but I need to receive the new license type. I haven’t received any.

I also tried to check from here:
[How to verify eligibility for free Grace Period update – Steinberg Support]
But it could not find anything.

There is no way to create a ticket in my country.

Can anybody help me?

As far as I know, once you have an “LE” license activated (and version after 4), you automatically are able to run the latest version. There is a knowledgebase article here that says you will get an email. I never got any email. I logged a call in April and got no response.

It states:
All Cubase AI and Cubase LE customers (version 4 or higher) will be able to update to the latest version free of charge after the Cubase 12 release in March 2022.

In the end, I had a Cubase LE activation code from another hardware purchase, I used that, and when I installed Cubase LE 12, it activated. If I were you, you should just download Cubase LE 12, install it, and see what happens.

Hi, Thanks for the answer. I will try it, let’s see what happens.

Well, I tried and I can’t activate LE12 since I have no license. Anyway maybe I would look into other software where I can at least contact support.

Hi, I have the same situation as you. Did you update successfully?

I’m sorry there is no way I can contact support , so no…

Good news, I got the code successfully!!

I sent a E-mail to Steinberg support with my information and the old voucher code. At first it showed not accepting responses, but I received a letter from Steinberg today with a new code and the download was successful.

Maybe you can try it!

Nice… But I have no means to contact Steinberg support. No support email here. Really incredible. Only local Yamaha reseller address, and that reseller redirects to instrument shops throughout the country.

I wish a steinberg employee read this. There is practically no way for me to reach them.

Hi Emre,

I have updated your account with Cubase LE 12. Enjoy!

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Thank you Matthias. It activated and working perfectly now… Thanks for coming out and solving my problem.
I hope Steinberg solves this support ticket problem for users like me.

Thanks all fellow cubase users for helping. too.

PS: This means that I can safely uninstall all Cubase LE11 and e-licenser stuff right?

You can if you want, but there are still some elements that use the Elicenser. Personally, I would leave it as is for a while befoe removing.

Hi everyone, I have the same problem as the people above. I received Cubase LE 11 with product purchase (Audient ID14 MKII) in April 2022.
I’ve heard that I would have received an e-mail including a free upgrade to LE12 but nothing happened. I would appreciate it if I could receive it so as to install the upgrade that I recently bought from LE 12 to Cubase Artist 12. Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Try performing a grace period check using the Steinberg Activation Manager, if the Cubase LE 12 license doesn’t show up. I’m unsure if this could help in this case, but it’s worth trying.

Hi Romantique_Tp and thank you very much for your prompt suggestion. Unfortunately, while my eLicenser Control Center does include correctly my Soft eLicenser number, the Steinberg Activation Manager cannot find any license. I don’t know how to manage this issue.

I this case, I would recommend contacting Steinberg Support or your local Yamaha/Steinberg distributor to request your Cubase LE 12 license.

I already did it one week ago, but I’m still waiting for an answer. Thanks again for your kind support.

Hi Matthias, I know this thread is pretty old, but hopefully you can help me too. I also can’t update Cubase LE 11 to the latest version. The activation manager also said that there were no licenses found on my device, but I still have the v11 with an e-license. Unfortunately, I also did not receive an email for the new license.

Hi @Joshua_Paolo, please get in contact with our support team. They will send you the license.

hi mathias can you update my license too , i have the same problem in contacting support, its just a shopp, thanks