How will de-auth work?

As of the new licensing system it looks like I am going to need to de-auth and re-auth computers at the studios I work at. This is going to be happening all the time. (I will be using two of my license iterations for my own studio and my laptop). The third license iteration will be my ‘travelling’ Cubase (for which at the moment I have second account/dongle).

…and at some point I am going to forget to de-auth on a remote studio’s PC. It will happen.

When I am at Studio B, I don’t want a message telling me I can’t use Cubase, because my third license is still sitting on Studio A’s PC.

Will I be able to de-auth a computer without having to be physically sitting in front of it? There can be hundreds of miles between studios…

IF it works like StudioOne then you simply log into your Steinberg account and go to Manage License then De Activate the one you need to deactivate. It will be account based .

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Thank you. That’s what I’m hoping. It would be nice to have it confirmed by a Steinberg insider, though.

I’m going to be auth-ing/de-authing a heck of a lot.

According to feedback given by Steinberg employees in some other threads, you can only activate and deactivate the software using the license manager on the corresponding computer. If that’s not possible for some reason, you can ask the Steinberg support to free the activation. So, as far as I understand this, there won’t be an option to manage the activations on the mySteinberg web page.

Edit: Here’s Daniel’s reply to a similar question:

O… M… G…

This is not going well for me!

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You will have to stay with the DONGLED version it seems. No C12 for you if Martin90 is correct. WAVES and StudioOne BOTH work the way I stated here as well as Toontracks

Steinberg needs to CONFIRM or DENY this here so The Elf doesn’t have a stroke

Reaper is looking better all the time! :o)

I use Reaper for all remote tracking. Works great

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Reaper is looking better all the time! :o)

Take a tip from this guy:

To get myself anywhere near as fast with Reaper would require a huge investment of time, and I can’t afford to do that on clients’ time.

For these reasons and more I will be sticking with Cubase, whatever it takes.

Back at home base, yes, but on the remote machines I may need to track in Reaper (or something else) now.

That’s the point here. I’m fine (and will be sticking) with Cubase here in my own studio, but I am going to have a tough time auth-ing and de-authing to use Cubase on remote systems. I don’t want to switch to a different DAW here, but I also don’t want to have this burden of auth/de-authing in other studios.

At the moment I pay for two licenses/dongles. It’s looking like there will be no point me keeping that second license going. I’ll track using whatever the remote studio has (maybe even the old version of Cubase), and bring it home to Cubase.

At least one license will now cover my main studio PC, laptop and backup laptop.

You can even run REAPER from a USB stick. As mobile as it gets.

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Might be a good idea to save up for a powerful laptop and run your sessions off that.

The problem is not my laptop - my laptop is built for audio and is more than capable. The problem is re-routing USB gear in a studio that’s not my own. That’s not fair on the owner, and I don’t want that call on my phone when something isn’t working after I’ve left.

You mentioned you own two licenses.
I’m assuming we will be able to keep a C11 license on a dongle.
If so, just don’t upgrade one of your licenses when C12 comes out. Just use C11 to track with at the studio and open the projects in c12 at home.

Based on what I know so far that should be possible.


Yes, that’s one option I did mention two posts above. Even better if Steinberg retain loadable compatibility for a few versions, which would mean no conversions exports/imports to do.

In fact it potentially gives me a spare dongle (depending on how the license switch-over is handled), since it won’t be plugged into my main studio PC any more.