How works midi syncr/clock in Cubasis.

Hie, i have a very basic question about midi syncr/ clock in Cubasis. The manual does not explain that and I could not find a topic witch answer me.

If I record in an audio track an instrument from another apps, is this ext app will be midi syncr? Or is there a setting to do ? Is midi syncr working only with the midi track ?

I like to use within Cubasis geoshred, LayR, Animoog, phonem, thumbjam, drumjam . Thanks.

Hi Nata,

Cubasis fully supports Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and Audio Unit, to establish a connection between 3rd party instruments and/or effects app. It always depends on the 3rd party apps, what of the standards above are supported.

Below please find a few links to available tutorials, how to use other apps with Cubasis.
Browsing the web you should easily find additional videos about these topics, if required.

Audiobus 3

Inter-App Audio

Audio Unit

MIDI clock will be required only, when establishing specific sync connections.
So, it is not required when establishing regular connections between instruments/effects apps and Cubasis…

Best wishes,

Thanks for answering . But let say, I did not grab the information i need. Is the midi clock from Cubasis is sending when using an other apps connected thru inter-app or Audiobus when recording them in audio, not in midi. /? Midi clock is offen needed when you use complex sound witch have pattern, rhythm and effect such delay that need a clock for nice sync. May there is no way to do this in iOS ?


Once you turn MIDI clock on in Cubasis it should send a timing clock ‘out’ to any app instructed to receive it. It doesnt have a MIDI channel its its own data stream.

Therefore any app you want to sync to this clock should have a MIDI Clock Receive toggle in its MIDI INPUT setup. Some do , some don’t. Some need to be told which app the clock is coming from. Please don’t get mixed up and confuse another MIDI Clock Output switch and start sending a second clock into the chain! Anything could happen. Imy experience there are many apps with MIDI CLOCK Outputs, far fewer with Inputs. An ecosystem of apps which only send clock is useless.

However if you can get an app to see Cubasis Clock. It should then run at the same tempo as Cubasis. It might or might not show this in its Tempo indicator. It might or might not obey the Cubasis Start/Stop/Continue/ Song position data that Cubasis sends . It might not work at all…

Once you introduce other routing/sync apps things get foggy… if they weren’t already!

Abelton Sync and Midi Clock usually cant be on at the same time.

Audio Bus 3. If apps are loaded into AudioBus 3 MIDI slots then AB should be controlling the routing, so In/Out settings in the app shouldn’t matter. But i think Clock In should still be on. If you add an app to an Audio Slot in Audio Bus the MIDI routing should hppen between apps via Virtual MIDI as if AB weren’t involved.

AUM: has its own MIDI router , but i find i still have to set things up in the apps midi set up anyway.

AU: this seems to take care of everything i need. Plug in the app and it sync and receives midi. But not many of my preferre. apps support it.

So yeah … in terms of syncing apps its a mess.

Good luck and chime in if you get it working. I’d love to learn…